Saturday, January 16, 2016

DY "Novel Approach" Workshop - Vision Board

I'm lovin Daisy Yellow's (DY) "Novel Approach" altered book workshop! Link:

I've learned many different art techniques but never got my hands into acrylic paint as much as I have with this workshop, often literally using just my fingers to apply the non-toxic, quick drying acrylic paint, although I could use a brush, if desired. It has been fun finger painting - it's given me a great sense of freedom! 

This no-stress, fun workshop is suitable for beginners as well as advanced artists because Tammy Garcia patiently takes you from an explanation on supplies through blending exercises, collage techniques and adding stamped designs. No previous knowledge of drawing, painting, collage work, art composition, or doodling required. She provides easy to understand videos accompanied by written guidance on each element of the workshop. She also lends personal assistance, encouragement and inspiration, while binding the group together in an easy to use Facebook Page and Flickr Group.

She is kind and patient and everyone feels at home on the Facebook page, whether or not you choose to post photos of your work. It's an amazing feeling of inclusion that is as warm and wonderful as her other events, such as the "Index Card a Day" (ICAD) event which occurs every summer. No one's required to post their work on Facebook or Flickr, but whether you post or just look through Tammy and others' work, it's fun and easy to do. 

The workshop is very flexible and everyone's free to perform techniques and add-on elements that personalize each piece if they'd like - there are no rigid rules, just great guidance. Tammy also has many helpful tips and articles about art and art journaling on her Daisy Yellow website, much of which is free of charge! There's an option to have her emails sent right to you periodically, even if you don't pay for a class. There are also a couple of sets of prompts that are perfect for inspiring all of us! 

The photo here is my "Vision Board" for this workshop. I've never done one of these before, nor have I done collage work or much art journaling. Since this is a self-paced class which we'll be able to have access to until 2017, there was no problem with me thinking about this for a while and then using many little snippets of fun art that I collected to make it. I immediately learned what a valuable creation it is as I referred to it when deciding what colors I would like to use for my first piece as well as what my theme for the collage would be.  It helped me narrow down my many interests and focus on the project, then complete it.

This fun workshop is reasonably priced for the lessons, encouragement and new-found friendships I've developed with other women all over the world and I highly recommend it to everyone, regardless of how much or how little your experience in this field.