Thursday, October 18, 2018

InkTober 2018 and Favorite Videos

Greetings Dear Friends!

I hope everyone's doing well. I can't believe how the year is flying by! I've been very busy participating in InkTober 2018 which began 1 October and runs all month. It’s all about creating one inked piece of art every day in October. It's a great way to get Christmas card designs done or do some Halloween art. Below is a collage of my first 18 pieces.To learn more about Inktober and see a list of prompts and rules, click here. I love the prompts because they are challenging and make me think about how to create a drawing that references them but you can ink anything you like to join in the fun! There are several Facebook groups for Inktober, I selected this one and also post to instagram @barbarahauenstein. Instagram is a bit new to me, but it's a great place to see a lot of Inktober art!

I began following an excellent artist on YouTube lately named James Burke. He's doing a different kind of InkTober where he writes a rhyme a day and then paints it in ink on his "James Burke" YouTube Channel. It centers around an easy to draw character named Daisy. He has another series of YouTube Videos about "How to Draw" different seasons' items. For instance, in the video herehe shows how to doodle simple shapes for Halloween. During all his entertaining videos, James Burke gives a lot of hints about drawing, painting, mixed media and other important creative things.

Well, that's it for now. I hope you all keep on enjoying creating and have a wonderful Halloween!


Tuesday, August 21, 2018

ICAD 2018, 00-61 (All)

Hello again dear friends! 

I completed one index card a day as part of my 4th year doing the Daisy Yellow Art ( Index Card A Day (ICAD) prompted creative challenge! I have to give another BIG SHOUT OUT to my dear friend and Art Guru, Tammy Garcia (she is Daisy Yellow Art)! YAAAAYYYY Tammy - we had another excellent year of ICAD in 2018!! Thank you, ThaNk YoU, THANK YOU!

Here's one summary collage of ALL the index cards I made.  I added the cover card plus 61 cards made in June and July so have 62 cards represented here. I re-stacked the first collage so it turned out slightly different from my last post and added 5 more collages in an iPhone app called Pic Collage to get this one gigantic summary collage.

I listed some tips in my last book, “61 Days of Index Card Art,” available at Amazon online in 6x9” paperback as well as digitally in Kindle format, and will have more tips and tricks in my upcoming book of 2018's collection, which I'm currently working on. I'm also planning a companion coloring book of black and white copies of the 2018 collection. I hope you enjoy this collage. The prompts are freely accessible on the website along with many other wonderful free and paid tutorials, prompts and other products. A fun challenge is to match up this years ICAD prompts with my huge collage!

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Thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

ICAD 2018, 00 thru 09

Hello lovely friends and happy summer! It’s fun to be creating new index card art as part of the 2018 index card a day (ICAD) prompted creative challenge! I started doing this 61 day challenge in summer of 2015, so this is my 4th year creating a card a day during June and July. My friend Tammy Garcia runs this fun event by posting prompts and themes on her Daisy Yellow Art website each year. Everyone can join in for free and post creations on their own website, Facebook page and Instagram Account.

Tammy also runs a paid event that includes extras, like videos and inspiring emails, which may be purchased to gain the full benefit of this challenge. The paid one includes a Facebook group where you can post your ICADs and see what others have posted. It provides a wonderful air of comaraderie with about 300 people from around the world joining, and I enjoy seeing many friends I’ve come to know tremendously! I also like to donate a bit more money to Tammy’s “Tip Jar” to support her efforts in all artistic things! She has several other promoted series listed on her website - all are free to join.

I plan to make another book featuring my collection of 2018 ICAD art after the end of this event, each with a black and white page to color with colored pencils.

Here’s a collage created in my favorite iPhone app, Pic Collage, with a summary view of the cover card plus the first 9 cards, created the first part of June. You may need to click or tap on the photo to enlarge it. I love this simple challenge where the rules are easy to remember: create something every day on an index card. This is a family event so we keep it family friendly, enabling kids to join in too! I prefer using thick, 4x6 inch index cards.

I listed some tips in my last book, “61 Days of Index Card Art,” available at Amazon online in 6x9” paperback as well as digitally in Kindle format, and will have many more tips and tricks in my upcoming book. You’ll be able to see each card on a page, plus have that great ability to color your own rendition of each card. I hope you like these, I’ll be posting the next few cards soon!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Book 1: 61 Days of Index Card Art by Barbee is now in Kindle format

Wow, the last day of June is upon us!

This week, my husband Bruce uploaded the kindle version of my first book, “Book 1: 61 Days of Barbee’s Index Card Art” to It’s a collection of all 61 pieces of my art from the June through July 2017 “Index Card A Day” (ICAD) Creative Challenge hosted by the wonderful artist, my creative guru and dear friend, Tammy Garcia (DaisyYellowArt). Tammy has been amazing I’m her encouragement and I do some art every day I’m keeping with her teaching. 

Although the paperback of this book is great to have and give as a gift, having this less expensive kindle version on your tablet or phone is super fun because I always have it with me.

I’m enjoying creating ICADs this June and July again and plan to release another book with these creations later this year. I’m including black and white art to allow you to color too! I can’t stress enough how magical art is for making our worries and pains disappear while we focus on creating fun projects!

You can see my first book advertised on the internet by typing in the following keywords:
“61 days of index card art by Barbee” or tap the the link below to see it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble Bookstore.

Barnes and Noble Bookstore


If you’d like to purchase and download a Less expensive Kindle version to your iPhone, iPad or other device, go to this link:

Kindle version

Thank you all for supporting my artistic endeavors! I hope you’ll enjoy this book.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

My first book has been published!

Happy summer 2018 dear friends,

My first book is out, thanks to the help of my wonderful husband, Bruce. It’s titled “Book 1: 61 Days of Barbee’s Index Card Art” and is a collection of all 61 pieces of my art from the June through July 2017 “Index Card A Day” (ICAD) Creative Challenge hosted by the wonderful artist, my creative guru and dear friend, Tammy Garcia (DaisyYellowArt). Tammy continues to amaze me with her talent and dedication to telling the world about the benefits of creating something every day. 

This 6x9 inch, 70 page, paperback book with 61 pieces of whimsical, mixed media, stylized folk art, is available on Amazon as well as Barnes and Noble internet sites (links below) and more. I couldn’t adhere to having a short dedication since so many wonderful people have led me to this point, so I listed family, favorite current artists, and many of you dear Facebook friends and neighbors who encourage me everyday to continue creating art. If you’re name isn’t in here, it’ll be in one of my future books, lol. 

Its been amazing to discover the magical power of art. As I’ve gotten older, with aches and pains and life worries, I’ve realized that when I get wrapped up in the creative process - thinking, planning, drawing, painting, collaging, worry, aches and pain are suspended in time while I create. I hope my little book, comprised primarily of my art with tips and a few notes on each piece, helps others to love creating their own art, too. Doing a book was harder (and more expensive, unfortunately) than I thought, but I enjoyed it and am planning to publish my 2018 Index Card Art and a children’s book. I did not do this for money but rather to share my love of art and urge everyone to create art they love.

If You pick up the book, I urge you to enjoy the art and add your own by doodling in the white space around the pictures. It’ll help you begin your journey of self-expression and you’ll find yourself entering your own magical zone.

You can see my first book advertised on the internet by typing in the following keywords:
“61 days of index card art by Barbee” or enter either of the links below to see it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. I wholeheartedly thank you ALL for being an inspiration to me and hope you’ll enjoy this book.

Barnes and Noble Bookstore

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Video #006: Winner of Paper Clay & Mould from Video #005GD

I just announced the one winner of the paper clay and mould I demonstrated in my video 005GD Giveaway! I selected from a small number of people who commented on my blog and that particular YouTube video. Congratulations to the one winner! She has 3 days to respond here on my blog at or on this YouTube video so I can rush it out to her! For the others who commented on my YouTube video 005GD or on my blogpost for Video 005GD, please email me your address within the next 3 days and I'll send you a note card as a consolation prize. Here's the link to the new video where I announced the winner from the Giveaway announced in Video 005GD:

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Giveaway #1 - Reminder to please subscribe, confirm and comment!

Hello Dear Ones, if you'd like to win the prize in my very first GIVEAWAY, here's the last reminder to please subscribe to my blog, then confirm when you receive an email asking you to do so and, in addition to subscribing, in order to be eligible for this GIVEAWAY, you must comment here or on the first post on this dated 27 Feb 2017. I'll match comments with subscribers and select an email address randomly then notify the lucky winner! The video detailing the prizes is here! The excellent, versatile paper clay and moulds came from my favorite online shop, owned by my friend Martina, "My Rusty Crown." After I notify the lucky winner, they'll have 3 days to respond back to me so I can mail out the prize or I'll select another. If you have questions, please comment below so that I can respond. Thank you for watching, from the bottom of my heart, and for reading my blog :)