Sunday, February 19, 2017

Video 004. Art Journal Page: "Minimal" (Dinky Robin)

Hello My Dear Ones!

I've uploaded a new video (Video 004. Art Journal Page: "Minimal") which shows me creating a page in my Blue Journal #2 and is at this link: I participate in a wonderful online Facebook Group called Daisy Yellow run by the wonderful artist, Tammy Garcia. On her Daisy Yellow Art website, Tammy has many free workshops (Art Journaling 101 is a great place to start), paid workshops and tips that help new and experienced artists stay inspired!

Every summer, during the months of June - July, Tammy opens a new Facebook page and artists from around the world participate in a 61 day experience called the "Index Card A Day (ICAD) Creative Challenge." It's a kid-friendly, wonderful place to experience friendship while having fun creating daily art on index cards using Tammy's prompts or your own subjects. She has several other notable prompts - two that I am working on (in my own slow time, ha ha!): MUSE30 and WONDER31.

Click here for a downloadable list of materials pdf document (you need to have adobe acrobat reader to view and use this. You may obtain it for free from this link: . Although I encourage you to try these materials, if your budget does not permit or you have too much stuff already (I wish, I wish), just use what you've got. Most of these lovely supplies are from my dear friend Martina's fabulous, excellently priced online shop My Rusty Crown. Martina is an artist in her own right and knows what products we all want to see. She provides excellent discounts and her personalized customer service is rivaled by none!  I hope you check out her shop soon! Thank you for stopping by :)

Friday, February 17, 2017

Video 003-GH. Giveaway & Haul from "My Rusty Crown"

Hello Dear Friends!

I just uploaded a new video to my YouTube Channel,!  This video shows my wonderful haul from my friend, Martina's online shop, "My Rusty Crown" ( and announces a new video GIVEAWAY Series of some of those fabulous items! The title for these videos will start with the word: “GIVEAWAY." These are addition to my normal, instructional videos.

I will create several videos in upcoming weeks and will giveaway one unopened item to a lucky subscriber until all items in the photo have been given away. Each video will show one method of using the item in my Happy Art and I will announce the giveaway at that time.

To be eligible:
(1) Subscribe to my YouTube Channel.
(2) Subscribe to my Blog - this is a 2 step process: sign up first, then, confirm in the incoming email.
(3) Comment on the Giveaway Video.

I will select a name at random and notify the winner by email a few weeks after the video is aired to give everyone a chance to watch, subscribe and comment on the video. Good luck to everyone and thank you for watching!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

My New Giveaway YouTube Video Series & Websites With Free Graphics

Happy 2017 Dear Ones!

I hope everyone had a marvelous end of year and is doing well! I've been very busy celebrating the Holidays with my wonderful family and friends (those nearby and those on Facebook, ha ha!), then my 31st Wedding Anniversary (I'm married the most fantastic, sweet man!), then Valentine's Day (with that same sweet man!), as well as art, travel, preparing new videos, and life in general - but then, I'm happiest when I am busy! Even so, I am more dedicated to helping you learn to love and be happy with your art than ever, so will be making more videos and blogging in the upcoming months to help achieve that goal!

If you enjoy my Blog and would like to see new posts as I write them, please subscribe by entering your email in the box to the right labeled "Follow By Email." When you receive an email asking if you want to confirm this, please click on the button. I'd also love to have you subscribe to my "Happy Art" YouTube Channel, by clicking on the link below. In addition to free instructional videos, I am starting a new video series featuring a giveaway that a lucky subscriber to both my YouTube Channel and my Blog who comments on the video will win! I will give away one item during each video from my dear friend, Martina's, online shop "My Rusty Crown." They carry wonderful mixed media art supplies at excellent, discounted prices and has one thing that is rare these days in an online shop - excellent, personalized, customer service! Martina goes out of her way to assist each customer in locating the perfect item!

My YouTube Channel is here:
"My Rusty Crown" may be viewed at this link:

Now, more on how to obtain free graphics online...below are some wonderful websites I've found that advertise free graphics, although, even though they advertise "free," you must always look for and heed legal disclaimers and other notes on each website to be sure you are using their graphics properly. For example, some want recognition, others allow personal use only - not commercial use, some will allow limited commercial use, etc. Simply searching for "free printable graphics" can provide excellent results. They may ask you to subscribe by adding your email address. This can also be productive, as they may notify you when they obtain new graphics and may send other freebies. Below are a few of my favorites. If you know have other favorites that you'd like me to share, please note these in the comments section below this blog and I'll publish these in another post. Happy hunting!
  1. Vintage graphics from "The Graphics Fairy":
  2. "Free Vintage Digital Stamps":
  3. "MeinLilaPark Printables and More":
  4. Quotes/Phrases:
  5. Planners and lists from "Me and My Big Ideas":
  6. Free Coloring Pages for Adults:
  7. Paper Dolls at "Paper Thin Personas":
  8. "101 Printables":

Monday, November 7, 2016

"Year of the Doodle" Art Journal

Hello Dear Ones!

I began a daily journey in January in a wonderful new book/journal/planner/tracker called "Year of the Doodle" by Author Dawn DeVries Sokol. The paper is wonderfully thick and takes all types of media quite well. A sort of collaged/mixed media background has already been subtly added by the talented author and the days are numbered. It works for any year since there are no days of the week associated with the numbers. It was less than $12 on Amazon at this link:

There's a great book review at this link that provides lots of details about the book:

This is a wonderful way to practice creating and/or tracking your time. The link on Amazon shows an amazing peek at the book but I've added a few photos here for reference. One of the photos gives an example of how the pages look (rather like they have been collaged using various papers) when you buy the book and the others are my art on top of it. I typically start out by drawing with a Sakura Micron Black Pen (or pencil if I'm concerned that I might mess up with pen). I then use watercolor pencils which allow you to color with pencils (rather haphazardly is my method) and then use an aquabrush to add water evenly to the colored areas. The addition of water transforms the colored pencils into watercolor! I like to add more lines and texture with my black Sakura Micron Pen and possibly a white Sharpie Pen to finish it off.

The prompts consist of verbiage geared to trigger your imagination (such as: "doodle like the artist Marc Chagall" or "doodle a roller coaster").  There's a Facebook page created by the author where I post my work.

The idea is that the background provides an unintimidating place to add one's art. The prompts provide sparks of inspiration! 

This is an excellent book for anyone who enjoys a little drawing or likes an interesting background for their planner or tracker. It provides excellent art therapy and exercises eye to hand coordination. I highly recommend the book to all who are interested as it will provide many hours of fun!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Letter Journals (LJs)

LJs Created Using a Variety
of Methods on top of Junk Mail
LJs and Snail Mail - Hello dear ones! Today I wanted to share a "round robin" art swap group I joined earlier this year which included folks around the globe! I was invited by my wonderful, talented friend Sue from Australia to participate in this warm and wonderful group called: "Letter Journal Love." To build an LJ to fit U.S. Business size envelopes (#10) which measure 4-1/8x9-1/2," trim 5 pieces of U.S. paper (which starts at 8-1/2x11") to 8x7." Fold these together lengthwise, lightly stitch them in the middle with a very simple stitch using a large needle and embroidery thread, and you'll end up with a folded booklet of 8x3-1/2" which fits inside a U.S. Business envelope. This should also fit international envelopes. An alternative is to make your own envelopes and there is plenty of info on the internet on  that. We keep LJs lightweight to keep postage down and don't use organic material that might be prohibited from coming through our mail systems. We even add tidbits or treats of punched paper or stickers for the people we're sending to sometimes! 
The host of the group is my fantastically imaginative friend from Australia, Jade Herriman! She discusses details here:  She's setup a FaceBook Page for the group to post about their LJs. To start off a swap, a person will use the FaceBook Page to ask for 3 or 4 volunteers to join them and specify details such as: will it be International or restricted to their country, is there a theme to follow, what are the timelines (it's important to know if folks will be away from their mailbox!). Addresses and the mailing order are exchanged using the Messenger App to keep private information within each small LJ group. When LJs are received or mailed, sneak peeks are posted on the "Letter Journal Love" FaceBook Page to share the beautiful art being passed around. Each LJ cover is given identifying marks (such as "Barb's LJ#1 dated --- to ---" - see above left for an example). The originator typically creates a place on the inside front cover for group members to jot down a few notes about themselves. On the inside back cover, the originator provides addresses for the group in the order the LJ will be passed around, as established by the swap lead. The inner 16 pages are for the group members to decorate. Members each decorate a few pages, then sign and date them to communicate those pages are completed. They may also doodle a little on other (incomplete) pages. The organizer can set the specifications for this - how many pages each person should decorate, etc. Everyone starts with an LJ and after being mailed around, it returns to them with wonderful decorations from their team mates!  

Tessa's LJ Page to Me

My Art Over Tessa's Page
LJs Shared Instantly & Decorated with iPhone Apps - Although creating and sharing paper journals in snail mail is a lot of fun, the cost of postage (especially internationally) and long waiting periods due to mailing can sometimes be frustrating. The LJs I mailed were between $2 and $3 (USD) each. Mail to and from Australia could take 2 to 3 weeks. An LJ can take 4 months to come back to you, depending upon many factors. Because of this, I I partnered with illustrious, gorgeous Tessa Wyatt to try something different - Digital LJs! We created LJs and photographed or scanned them then shared them on FaceBook (Messenger works too) and decorated each other's digitally using our iphones and some iphoto apps that blend art and photos and give us other ways to manipulate our art. We provided the finished products back to each other digitally, as well. 
My Page to Tessa Created
by Collaging Sheet Music
Over Junk Mail and Adding
Washi Tape
Tessa's Art Over My Page
Tessa gives a wonderful description of her process using iphone apps in this manner on her blog at:
This is a wonderful way to get instant gratification! We didn't have to wait days/weeks to work through our swap! It won't be replacing snail mail any time soon, but it's another fun art project to be aware of. My use of the apps was minimal but I think Tessa spent more time and created a much more sophisticated product - so gorgeous, don't you think?  I enjoyed this so much that I signed up for an online art class called "Paint and Pixels" to learn how to use iPad Apps and photos and create beautiful digital art from the wonderful artist, Ivy Newport! I've been eyeing the class for about a year and she just marked it down 30% so I was delighted to jump in! I'll blog about it soon but you can read more and sign up at:   If you enjoyed my blog post, please enter your email address above where it says "Follow by Email"  to subscribe to future updates which will come out every week or two. I would also love to have you subscribe to my YouTube Channel (Barbara Hauenstein's Happy Art") at: to be notified when I produce new videos. I have a list of fun videos I'd like to create aimed at helping you de-stress your life by enjoying Happy Art, but also welcome your comments on what you'd like to see on YouTube as well as what you'd like to have me blog about! Thank you for hopping by! :)

Monday, October 3, 2016

Inktober #02 - Prompt: NOISY

This is what happens when you mix up a mixed media girl with ink! You end up with a mixed media face in ink, ha ha! I couldn't resist adding a bit of inky color plus an acrostic-style version of the word NOISY. The story is that she's having problems because her neighbors are noisy! :) #Inktober, #Inktober2016

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Inktober #01 - Prompt: FAST. (Inktober is back - YAY!)

Inktober is a creative challenge started by Mr. Jake Parker in 2009 where artists from around the world create inked art daily or weekly during the month of October. The challenge is to draw something in ink and post it daily or weekly and I like the daily practice! Here's my #1 for 1 October for the prompt "Fast": FAST IS RELATIVE. It's a real first for me - I don't remember ever drawing mules, ha ha! You can join in the fun too! Just look over the below rules (not many) and prompts. If you'd rather ink up something on your own (not follow the prompts), that's fine too. Then, post to your Facebook Page or other favorite social media and add the hashtags #Inktober and #Inktober2016 to enable searching. Please join me in this fun challenge! #Inktober, #Inktober2016

Inktober Rules and Prompt List

My first Inktober Drawing for prompt #1 "FAST."