Sunday, January 24, 2016

DY Art FB Page and Website

DY (Daisy Yellow) Art is a wonderful website, full of free ideas and prompts presented in a mix of written articles and videos. There is an accompanying Facebook page where you can peruse the work of others and, if you wish, post your own art work. The website has excellent prompts with encouraging ideas for doing art journaling/artwork. There's also a special area for children and teenagers, since young people are paramount in the life of the owner, Tammy Garcia, who has teenagers of her own. Although the website is available to the public, and you can sign up for periodic emails, you need to request to join the Facebook group, read the pinned post to view the guidelines of the FB page, then just jump in to this wonderful place! Tammy Garcia is a patient, kind person who ensures that this is a positive place to be. She also teaches online paid, do-it-yourself classes that help you get motivated and she sells beautiful, prompt cards and zines on She's completely involved in the FB page and provides personal assistance as requested. The link is

Here's the link to the Facebook page. It's a closed group so, as I mentioned before, you must request access to join. The focus is art journaling on paper using prompts and info from the DY website. 

Every summer, DY conducts a 2 month event called "Index Card A Day," with a different FB page where participants are encouraged to complete art on an index card every day and post their efforts - it's tons of fun! 

 Here's an excerpt about one of the two prompt series.


Prompt60 is a series of journaling prompts that will challenge you with sparks, ideas & quotes. My goal is to inspire and gently nudge to do something creative in your journal. The challenge will help you strengthen both your art-making & writing practice. The series contains a mix of thematic, art, creative & writing prompts, plus ideas for how to get words into your journal.

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