Sunday, February 19, 2017

Video 004. Art Journal Page: "Minimal" (Dinky Robin)

Hello My Dear Ones!

I've uploaded a new video (Video 004. Art Journal Page: "Minimal") which shows me creating a page in my Blue Journal #2 and is at this link: I participate in a wonderful online Facebook Group called Daisy Yellow run by the wonderful artist, Tammy Garcia. On her Daisy Yellow Art website, Tammy has many free workshops (Art Journaling 101 is a great place to start), paid workshops and tips that help new and experienced artists stay inspired!

Every summer, during the months of June - July, Tammy opens a new Facebook page and artists from around the world participate in a 61 day experience called the "Index Card A Day (ICAD) Creative Challenge." It's a kid-friendly, wonderful place to experience friendship while having fun creating daily art on index cards using Tammy's prompts or your own subjects. She has several other notable prompts - two that I am working on (in my own slow time, ha ha!): MUSE30 and WONDER31.

Click here for a downloadable list of materials pdf document (you need to have adobe acrobat reader to view and use this. You may obtain it for free from this link: . Although I encourage you to try these materials, if your budget does not permit or you have too much stuff already (I wish, I wish), just use what you've got. Most of these lovely supplies are from my dear friend Martina's fabulous, excellently priced online shop My Rusty Crown. Martina is an artist in her own right and knows what products we all want to see. She provides excellent discounts and her personalized customer service is rivaled by none!  I hope you check out her shop soon! Thank you for stopping by :)

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