Thursday, September 8, 2016

My First Dozen "Muse30" Creations

started working the wonderful MUSE30 prompts found at and on the Daisy Yellow Facebook Page in February 2016 and continued through March (see my 2 March 2016 blog where I first wrote abouty the MUSE30 prompt series). I became busy with family, travel and other efforts through May. Then more travel to family across the country and index card creations every day in June and July (Daisy Yellow's ICAD creative challenge). I've been creating other things (mostly greeting cards) in August but plan to complete the rest of the Muse 30 prompts starting in September. I invite you to do them with me! Here's a collage summary of the first dozen which I incorporated into one photo using the excellent app "Pic Collage" which thankfully works on my iPhone, iPad, and Windows 10 PC. I did one of my own ("MUSE") instead of #9-JETSONS, but followed the other prompts. I created acrostic style work on each prompt so far and plan to continue through the end - there are 30 plus a bonus prompt. I also posted this on the Daisy Yellow Facebook page (which I urge you to join), and my FB Pages.


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